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We Help Real Estate Agents Go From $0 To 100K+ In 12 Months Or Less 

Without Having To Cold Call, Door Knock, Or Beg For Referrals.  

Exclusive Leads, Personal CRM, ISA Team Booking Appointments For You.

Means more time to connect with buyers & sellers who
lead to listings.
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Top Real Estate Agents Throughout The Country Use Our System To Get An Additional 2-3 Closings A Month.

Join them, and see what Liftoff Real Estate can do for your business.

Testimonials & Results

Check Out What Other Top Producing Agents Have to Say
"In only two weeks and I’ve got over 70 leads come in, I’m already working with buyers and got a couple of appointments set and I actually have a showing on one of my listings with someone who seems very interested so the quality has been awesome! For what you spend you’re really going to get your income back I’d say at least 10 times."
Alex Maldeis, REMAX Treeland
"If you're looking for a marketing expert, reach out to Brandon Oishi. He was very responsive, very professional and he got me tons of leads check him out right now!"
Wilfred Tang, Oakwyn Realty
"I've worked with several leads and I didn't know it would be that easy. They just kept on coming in and I was working on them instead of just grinding away. I loved it because I come from a door knocking background and just grind and do whatever it takes but this is so much easier! Now I can deal with other clients and focus on these clients. I would say Brandon's advertising has worked phenomenal for me and I would totally recommend Brandon to other Realtors out there."
Mo Mohammed, REMAX Dream Home Reality

"Within the first week of the campaign being launched, I did receive a listing appointment that was all set up for me and communicated through phone and passed over and also in writing as well. So that was very helpful. I was able to go to the appointment and it was a success."

April Wood, REMAX

"What made me decide to partner was the results, they really back their product they push their results, my experience so far has been fantastic, I have got tons of leads and a couple of appointments, I reached out to one of the leads actually today and this person is scheduled with a appointment with me to sell their house and buy a house. I'd say take the jump"

Christopher Levasseur, eXp Realty

Don't Let Another Agent Take Your Leads Take Charge Today!

How Does It Work?

Book A Call

Book a 15 min call with a real life person.

Marketing Campaign

Liftoff Real Estate marketing team will build marketing campaigns specifically tailored to your area. CRM automate email/text campaign drip.

Booked Appointments

Our ISA will scrub and qualify leads to book appointments straight to your calendar.

Proven Way To Grow Your
Real Estate Business.

  • Done for you lead generation
  • Automated Email and texts Follow-Up
  • Easy to navigate CRM
  • ​ISA Team (Trained by a Realtor)
  • ​Bi-weekly reports
"We Take Care Of The Set Up
You Take Care of Closing Deals"

We'll Find & Book The Appointment

You Close The Deals

We’ll focus on sending you qualified & quality leads, so you can focus on closing the deal. Get the qualified leads you want, without having to share leads ever again.

Here at Liftoff Real Estate, we'll never share your leads with other parties. We know you’re busy so we take care of Lead Gen from A-Z.

With Liftoff Real Estate, you will always get full contact information and more, to reach your potential clients directly.

Forget the hassle of cold calling, door knocking and mailers that have a much lower little to no success. All this, without ever needing a website or run Facebook Advertising campaigns.

There’s only an upside for you.

Expert ISA Team

  • Short & long term nurture of the leads we provide
  • USA based
  • Qualify before setting the appointment
  • 5 minute speed to lead for TOP results
  • ​10-30% appointments booked out of the leads we bring
  • ​“Positive mindset ONLY in the call center!”

Why Choose Us?

Exclusive Leads Icons

Exclusive Leads

We’ll generate exclusive leads in your area. So never share your leads again.
Simple CRM Icon

Simple CRM

Our team will create the CRM and walk you through our easy-to-use platform. With actual people for support.
Qualified Leads Icon

Qualified Leads

We’ll send you only qualified leads with full contact information. Full Name, Phone, Email, Price Range & If they have a Lender.
Liftoff Real Estate we pride ourselves among other real estate lead generation industry by solving 3 major problems faced by agents in today’s market; shared leads, no follow up system, no ISA to qualify leads. By utilizing our CRM system, to maximizes your marketing budget, and with our inhouse ISA team (who is trained by a Realtor) we tend not waste leads you've already generate.

Liftoff Real Estate is able to send only qualified leads with not just full contact information, but price range, and if they have a lender or not, so that you don’t have to waste time chasing partial leads. You’ll get exclusive real time leads generated, scrubbed, qualify and follow-up with without your intervention. This gives you more time to connect with your clients, convert them to listings, and close more deals.

Our Philosophy:

Liftoff Real Estate will find the leads, you get to save time and close more deals. We will focus on generating quality leads and follow-up with them, so you can focus on closing more deals.

No more spending hundreds of dollars on shared leads like Zillow. Here at Liftoff Real Estate you get exclusive leads, never have to share them again. We'll never share your leads with anyone else.

You will even get your own CRM and our team will automatically follow up with your leads. So you can focus on the ones that interested and ready to work with you.

You can have a 2 way conversation with any and all of your leads using our CRM. So you will never missed an opportunity. With Liftoff Real Estate you will get much more than just Full name, Email, and Phone numbers. But also informations such as Leads budget, and buying criteria.

No more the days of door knocking, cold calling or even mailers, which is impossible to scale and hard to track. All of this without even needing a website, or manage your own advertisement campaigns.

We understand you are busy. We want to take all of the hassle from lead generation such as generating leads, follow up with the leads, nurture those leads, so you can focus on speaking with the right clients and close more deals.
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